24/7 Minimal Barrier Shelter

AWAC offers a twenty-four-seven (24/7) minimal barrier shelter for individuals who identify as female to receive safe shelter and various services to meet their basic needs. These services include access to meals, basic personal hygiene items, and access to shower and laundry facilities. There are thirty (30) beds available, however in instances when the beds are all full, cots are available and will be used as overflow beds.

The minimal barrier shelter provides individuals with a safe environment and access to supports. Women who are struggling with homelessness, addictions, mental health, fleeing abuse or exploitation, can access the shelter and their safety will be ensured. Those who are accessing may be under the influence of drugs and alcohol, however, must turn in any weapons or paraphernalia upon entering the facility.

AWAC staff offer advocacy and intervene at this level, when individuals are accessing the shelter, to help break the cycle and receive appropriate supports by providing or connecting individuals to various services and opportunities. Individuals accessing the shelter will have access to the outreach team specializing in housing first, and our housing worker during regular business hours. Individuals who are accessing the shelter can expect that a high degree of confidentiality will be upheld and one’s identity will be protected.