Outreach & Housing First Program

AWAC has an outreach team composed of knowledgeable staff and peer workers. The outreach program provides support to all gender identities to aid in a variety of services. Outreach staff aid individuals in identifying needs and accessing services in a timely, professional manner. Services that are offered through the Outreach program include and are not limited to; providing advocacy, making appropriate referrals to link individuals with health services and community agencies, linking individuals to appropriate income sources, transportation to and from appointments, opportunities to apply for rental or utility supplements, and continuous supports throughout the housing continuum.

The Housing First program amalgamated with the outreach program in 2018. Individuals who are on the Housing First caseload are supported to secure permanent, independent, safe, and sustainable housing and are provided with flexible, community-based services. Housing First works with individuals who are experiencing chronic or episodic homelessness, within their mental health and/or addictions. Housing First does not require sobriety as a determining factor of housing readiness.