About Us


Helping Those In Need

AWAC is a non-profit agency providing an array of supports and services to individuals at every level of the housing continuum. AWAC supports individuals who may be experiencing homelessness, struggling with addiction or mental health, to attain a life of wellness. AWAC’s recognizes that homelessness, addiction, and mental health are a severe complex social crisis and are often interwoven. Each is a complex matter independently and often results in another occurring.

At AWAC, we understand that severe complex trauma often results in a dependency on illicit substances which often time leads to exacerbated symptoms of and a decline in mental health and overall well-being. AWAC intervenes in this complex cycle by providing a safe environment, meeting individuals where they are at, without judgment, developing individualized supports through a trauma-informed approach, providing structure, love, and acceptance, and bridging connections into a healthy community of supports.