Olive’s Branch

Olive’s Branch

Olive’s branch is a one-year to three-year sober living, transitional housing program for individuals who are on their own unique journey of sobriety. The program was developed in 2019 with the purpose of offering individuals who are overcoming addiction and mental health, the opportunity to continue in their recovery, and support participants in attaining a life of wellness. Unique individualized wrap-around supports, programming, counselling, and a healthy, positive community are provided at Olive’s Branch. Individuals who participate in our program will continue to live in a supported environment while further developing life skills, identifying and meeting personal goals, building positive relationships in the community, and remain supported and stable in one’s own journey of sobriety.

Successful applicants will find themselves comfortable in one of twenty-eight fully furnished bachelor style units equipped with one’s own bathroom and light kitchen amenities. There are shared common areas, access to a courtesy telephone, and one meal per day is served. Olive’s branch is a 24/7 staffed facility, and therefore successful applicants will have access to 24/7 staff support, including an assigned caseworker and our recovery peer support worker.

Olive’s Branch Vision and Mission

Vision: An environment where positive self-regard is practiced, and supports are unconditional.

Mission: To provide a safe and supportive space for individuals to continue through their unique journeys of healing and recovery in order to achieve a life of sobriety and wellness and to reintegrate into society.

Legacy of Olive Annabelle Mawhinney

Olive’s Branch is named in honour of Olive Mawhinney, who was very involved with several charities throughout her lifetime and believed in the importance of giving back. In 1994 Olive heard about AWAC opening and it soon became one of her favourite charities. Over the years, Olive donated clothing, bedding, household goods, and every year she made a financial donation which she delivered in person. It was always a joy to see Olive and her beautiful smile.

Program Mandate

Olive’s Branch works in collaboration with various agencies throughout BC. Individuals who are currently in or have recently exited a detox centre, are exiting a correctional centre, are currently in or successfully completed a treatment program, or individuals who are currently struggling with an addiction and have a desire and will to be and remain sober are eligible to apply. Applicants intent and desire to maintain sobriety will be gauged to determine program suitability.

Olive’s Branch Referral Process

Individuals can be referred by oneself, a friend, family member, an agency, health care professional, treatment facility or institution. Referrals can be made by submitting a completed application to Olive’s Branch in personal or via fax or e-mail. Once an application is received the applicant will be contacted to undergo an intake and screening process to determine program suitability.

Individuals must have full funding in place to begin program participation. This includes; a security deposit of $300.00, contents deposit of $25.00 and the monthly program fee of $500.00.

Olive’s Branch Programs and Services

Olive’s Branch is a program based transitional housing facility which supports individuals to attain a life of sobriety and wellness. Olive's Branch follows a 12 step based recovery support plan that provides individuals with a safe, supportive environment in which they receive individualized wrap around supports, partake in programming and a subsidized living cost. Individuals are supported to learn and improve life skills, identify, and meet their goals, build positive healthy relationships and to reintegrate into society at the completion of the program. This is implemented through a variety of program as outlined below:

  • In house NA and AA meetings
  • Wellbriety
  • 12 Step program
  • Smart Recovery
  • Goal Setting
  • Ready to Rent
  • Volunteering
  • Healing Circles
  • Focus Group Discussions
  • Outings and Activities
  • Branching Out Program
  • Fitness room
  • Community Transition Team
  • Life Skills (topics include; personal development, addiction and recovery, communications, managing emotions, building healthy habits, basic life skills-cooking, cleaning, etc.)